For Us

May 5th, 2016

Exams give me lots of time to think, especially when I rush through them because I kind of dislike biology :/. The one exception is English HL- shout out to IB for getting that class right. Anyways, I wrote this poem yesterday right after my English Paper 2. I was inspired because I got too into my essay on “A Streetcar Named Desire”. Basically Stanley/the patriarchy sucks and thus this poem happened. The poem is “for us” because, while I wrote it with specifically my friends and I in mind, this is for every woman. Yay us for resisting and kicking and being in this world.

For Us
You called me pretty
when I was elected state officer of a business organization,
as if my merit is the view your eyes get to rest upon.
They pinch us into shapes soft and easy for their hands to grab,
like we are play-dooh, and they are four-year-olds whose
mothers have only taught them to share, and not yet to stop
poking the other toddlers who have no interest in playing their games.
The smirk he wears as he stares at her chest in the high school hallway?
It is nothing compared to the rocks she has crushed
and the glass she has swallowed to be standing upright today.
So fuck off.
To all the men of the world:
Fuck Off.


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