Una Poema

May 11th, 2016

My very last assignment for high school (other than IB exams) is to write a poem in Spanish for submission to a high school Spanish lit mag type thing. So, I wrote a poem, and even though the grammar is surely cringe worthy, and it’s absolutely more of a mixture of basic Spanish words than a coherent poem, I will paste it here. Hopefully you speak some Spanish because I am too tired to translate it right now. A disclaimer: the reason it is so cheesy and cliche is because 1) this issue of the lit mag has a theme surrounding Hispanic culture in the US and 2) teachers love it woohoo.

Las Voces
Las voces de la gente hispana
añaden un tono distinto
a la canción que es el espirito americano.
Cada voz cuenta una historia
que es triste, alegre y resiliente,
y las diferencias en las hispanas
son lo que hace las voces hermosas.
Estas voces se combinan
con las voces de otros inmigrantes
y eso es que hace grande a Estaos Unidos.

Also, I thought of three more goals that would be nice to add to my growing list:

  1. Listen to more podcasts
  2. Take an online course through one of those rad websites
  3. Sew to your heart’s content

Lastly, ya girl’s last official day of high school is tomorrow! After that I just come back Thursday for one last exam.

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