Big Lakes and Nice Swims

September 4th, 2016

Ohrid, Macedonia deserves its hype. Gorgeous, old, beautiful lake surrounded by mountains and monasterys? Yes please. Swims every morning into an empty body of water that is the perfect temperature? Yes double please.

Thoughts From a Dock in Ohrid
I stopped killing
insects, forcing
my body to reacquaint
itself with the
natural in the
an ant move over my
dark pink fingernails
and my
dark brown mole
before struggling to find
a way up that
vertical column
which is my arm.

If the universe is
expanding, I may as well
play along. Let
small creatures fill
the extra space
between the
hair on my legs.
Broaden my
affirmations of love.



self portrait from a morning made of swimming, writing, and soaking in life

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