Something to Count On

October 2nd, 2016

(An Ode to McDonalds)

Something to Count On
(An Ode to McDonalds)

There was an
un-distinct lack
of McDonalds
in my life for
several months,
no subtle reminder
of the other
things America
distributes to
the world (not
just marginally
naive 18-year-olds).

But there it
was as my bus
rolled in rainy
and cold,
golden arches,
not out of place
in the so-called
modern city of
Sarajevo (for
what is modern
if not McDonalds).

Like any well-
educated snob,
I am scornful.
of corporations
that are trendy
to distrust, biased
against fats and
grease and anything
that says cheap.

But, to my
McDonalds has
become my haven.
Not a romantic
haven, no, no
secret gardens
or metaphorical
nests of poetry,
instead, my
haven is
synthetic seats
and weird-brown-
colored walls.
My safe space
is composed
of free wifi,
and bathrooms
that always have
toilet paper.

So take me in,
capitalist America,
embrace me
with dirty hands
and clean bathrooms.

I am carried and
open to peace
in odd places.

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