One Sentence Love Letters: Europe 2016

June 29th, 2017

This past summer I wrote a one sentence love letter to the exceptional, unbelievable, amazing people I got to know, but I never published them. Here they are, sans full names, but with love, humility, and honesty. It feels good to remember the indescribable happiness and companionship I found last summer.


P- I have never met someone as happy to be alive and talking as you, thanks for being the first and best at making everything fun

H- I don’t what else to say other than thinking about your smiles and our conversations make me happy even now, I’m glad you liked the mango lassi 🙂

N- My fellow southerner, thanks for letting me drink your alcohol, I’m secretly super glad our buses were delayed and fate gave us extra time to talk

V- You were the best friend one could have wanted for almost seven hours, bought me beer, introduced me to some of the most interesting people I have ever met, and are a major reason I fell in love with pride and Ljubljana, thank you a million times for everything

D- Whenever I think of Zagreb I will think of you and your kindness and our wonderful adventures on the bus, at the museum, eating, walking, and talking

B- I have learned more from you in several hours than I ever thought possible, you have opened your home and your heart to me and am so so grateful

J & A- Our random meeting led to wonderful escapades and conversations I never would have thought I could have on this trip, thanks for being insanely nice and intelligent- seriously

C- Wow I am so glad you pushed me out of my comfort zone and reminded me how easy and rewarding it is to live and experience life as long as you try, if I could have a big sister I would pick you

D- Ah I wish I could have spent more than one (long) night with you, you made the evening infinitely more fun- there is no way to express the worth of having a best friend and an ally, even if it’s just for a night

F- You and your friends surprised me with your kindness, intellect, and comfortable presence, I feel so lucky our worlds got to collide for one unexpectedly fun night 🙂

I- Never in my life have I fell more intensely in step with someone in such a short period of time, and even though that will never be enough I feel ridiculously lucky for our time, words, understandings, laughs, sadness, happiness

D- Thanks for proving again and again kindness, wonder, and positivity are always welcome and always cool

M- Your music, conversations, and smiles brought me comfort and understanding as to how much I can care about someone so different and unexpected

M & N- I felt so cared for and taken in by you, I am so thankful for our friendship Marion, and our shared love for desserts

G- Sometimes you meet someone who is not only delightfully nice, fun, and easy to get along with, but also gets shit done- you are one of them

M- Darling! What a lovely time and lovely adventures and lovely conversations we had, so lucky I found a fellow poet/social justice lover/thrift store shopper/partying intellectual

L- Somehow we met and somehow we didn’t stop talking for an entire day, thanks for genuinely caring about who I am as a human

O- You are the reason this city is my home and I am ceaselessly impressed by your spirt and your willingness and your kindness

A- You’re that cool friend who is ridiculously chill and nice and puts me at ease, this month and unity could not be the same without you

M & K- I feel like I’m the slightly dorky child to two super hip parents, your smiles and food and advice are lovely

K- Wowoow I can’t explain how much meeting you meant to me, our friendship and connection is enough to fulfill me for a while

K & K- Ahh you guys are hilarious and great and wonderful and I definitely want to be like you when I grow up, thanks for the super intense spirituality discussion

L- Still laughing over getting lost in the freaking mountains with you, there are not many people I would have wanted to go through that with but you are undoubtedly one of them

V- You’re so sweet and motherly in a good a way, I’m glad I had you to hang out with in one of the most beautiful places

J- Where to even start, you are good and happiness and maturity and light and poetry in one beautiful person

CP- Feminism, tattoos, general badassery- thanks for all of it

L- Nice cute unabashedly happy females are my favorite, and you top the list

K- Your comfort completely impacted my own comfort not only with myself but with everyone else, thanks for being you, and thanks for having the most amazing facebook posts of anyone I know

L- Long serious conversations with people that love each other even if only for a couple days are what life (and you) are made of, I hope out paths keep on unexpectedly crossing

M & M- You guys make me smile, thank you for being you and reminding me that the yous of this world are almost always wonderful humans

J- Kindness, safety, coffee, a hitchhiking and adventure partner, honestly you’re a pretty darn complete friend

R & G- I am still reveling in the fact that I got to spend a week traveling through Montenegro with two of the most insanely cool people I have ever met, thanks for all the laughs, aesthetics, adventures and comradery

I- I never would have imagined finding a friend in you to explore abandoned sniper towers with, but, as always, traveling has ceaselessly surprised me

S- Dumpsters, horses, art, drinking in parks, the US election, new friends, coffee, bars, tomatoes, dogs, cold pavement: the number of ways you expanded my world in the two nights I spent with you are uncountable and invaluable

A- You welcomed me into your home and life with no expectations except acceptance and an amazing couple of days, I shall never ever forget traditional Ukrainian food and a Hillel party at the fanciest nightclub in town

N- How amazing is it to find you someone so easy to have fun with whether drinking tea or jägermeister, and whether talking about soap or dr. martens or theater

T- It takes a special kind of person to invite a random girl to spend 20hrs with you in a small car, driving through rural Moldova and Romania, but Toby, you are that amazing person – so thank you for conversations that transcended our very different lives and backgrounds and ages

L- I do not even know where to start with a person so fully good as you, truly and completely I love you, thank you for everything – hikes, walks, history, politics, friends, bars, wine, food, your lovely family

S- You are the ultimate cool aunt/friend/cousin and I feel like, despite our geological differences, you’re the type of person I could be friends with for a very long time

C- For maybe the first time during this trip, you were my unconditional peer- living, drinking, eating, and dancing with you made me feel like I belonged, truly and without reservation

M- How amazing and lucky am I to know you and your delightful home and delightful friends and delightful city, I can’t believe you took me and took me out and made me dinner without a second thought

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