The Last Summer Update IV

July 4th, 2017

So I am currently sitting in the ATL airport, its 6:37am and for some reason this time I feel more nervous about traveling than last year. I think it is because this time I have something to loose, I have people and places I love, and in some ways I feel like I’m throwing that away for this trip. Last year, there was nothing left for me in the US. I didn’t look behind me once.

But, I mean, I come back. Soon. And a lot of the things I am leaving I would have had to leave in the fall anyways. I am freaking excited though. And nervous. And insanely lucky.


Weeks til Cartagena: 0

Weeks til Stanford: 11



Getting my fuji pictures developed

A crazy-ass Friday night (Riley’s bday, bars, yeee)

Hanging at Adams

Pool with Izzy

Hiking in Cheaha with my parents

Fireworks last night with Paulina & Isabella

Making it to the airport today


Things I’m sad about:

Leaving my parents

Having to be prepared for college

The amount of money I spent this week

Am I really prepared to travel?



LOL not much but that’s okay

The Declaration of Independence (forreal)


The future of this series:

I’m not really sure. This summer update thing has been vain af and I love it. If I feel like it I might continue. Cartagena HERE I COME.


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