The Last Summer Update VII

September 4th, 2017


Weeks til Stanford: 2ish lol what


Currently: Sitting in my family’s living room full on fresh veggies and homemade bread wow. Arrived in ATL this morning and yup I am home. Forgot what Alabama smelled like so that’s a thing.


Places I´ve Been:

Otavalo, Ecuador (again)

Latacunga, Ecuador

Insinlivi, Ecuador

Chugchilan, Ecuador (yo I hiked to this town)

Quiltoa, Ecuador (yo I hiked to this town too go me)

Banos, Ecuador

Cuenca, Ecuador

Tumbes, Peru

Trujillo, Peru

Lima, Peru


Some Things That Happened:

My computer got stolen on a bus woohoo! It makes it a whole heck of a lot harder to post stuff on here so gonna flood my own feed (cause Anna you´re the only one reading honey) when I get back home and have a computer (! blessed blessed thing).

Got a random snapchat from someone that has occupied a very strange little place in my life for over a year. It made me happy. Maybe one day I´ll have the courage to hang out with him ha.

Burned my lips so freaking bad they hurt so bad lmao it´s seriously all I can think about right now.


The Podcasts I´ve Been Listening to All Year:

NPR Up First

Vox Worldy

Print, Fold, Staple (all about zines wth)

Democracy Now!

The Allusionist

Poetry Off the Shelf

Philosopize This!

Modern Love

The Martyrmade Podcast


Noteworthy Links & Articles:

How to Raise a Reader

Trump´s Obsession With Chicago, Explained

Most Americans – especially Millennials – say libraries can help them find reliable, trustworthy information

To Understand Rising Inequality, Consider the Janitors at Two Top Companies, Then and Now

Women as wartime rapists: a new book explores ‘the impossible’

How the Ruling Class Made New Orleans

The Artist Honoring the Beauty of Black Girlhood

Afropunk Photos from Huffpost

Why Facts Don’t Change Our Mind


People (the highlights): cool American couple, Paul (again!), Josh, Catja, Ladina, Nadia, Adam, Steven, Rafaela, Sebastian, Nina, Alyssa, Alice, random Seattle boys, Nico, Bruno, Tim, Cynthia, Nicole


It is over. I cannot believe this trip is just like that, done. It was so so so much better than I expected tbh and yup I am fully in love with what I’ve seen of South America so far. Time to start scheming for my next trip lololol :). But actually time to start packing the my whole life and going on endless coffee dates.



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