I am a normal adolescent who sometimes writes and sometimes takes pictures, but most of the time can be found breathing and thinking and existing. I aspire to live and act with intentional love and calm purpose. I write because there is no better way to form opinions you did not realize you could articulate, and, for lack of better words, writing to me is cozy, snug, and feels like coming home.

Reductionary facts that nonetheless give my present being* context:

  • I hail from the complicated and oft-overlooked state Alabama
  • I am ridiculously excited to study conflict/conflict resolution, power structures & narratives
  • I deferred university for a year in a rather impulsive manner
  • I am currently doing a bit of traveling in mainly Southeastern Europe
  • I am not quite as bougie as I may come off as initially :/

*6/20/17 update: yup times have changed but still on a gap year, currently in AL, soon to be in Colombia


noetic: of or relating to mental activity or intellect
drift: a continuous slow movement from one place to another

Put these words together and you get a human mind. Thrust a young human mind into a public context and you get this website.